Wake Up Sheeple!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I thourght my head was going to explode today!

I'm a college professor - yea I'm Liberal (I think in terms beyond either/or, black/white, good/evil, etc, you get the point). So I'm in the Student Union today and I go into the bathroom and there sitting on either side of the bathroom counter is a poster - sorry I can't tell you exactly what it said, because my disbelief got the best of me and after briefly reading a few points on the posters (strictly Sheeple Talking Points) I tore them up and buried them in the trash. After awhile I was curious so I went back in and pulled a few parts out of the trash. To the best of my memory I think the poster's headline read something like -- "Weapon’s don't kill people evil dictator's kill people (never mind the absolute illogic of that statement). Below is the usual Sheeple clap trap minus the context or facts, "In 1983 Saddam kills 8,000 in campaign against Kurdish . . . buried in mass graves. Hey you dolts, how about the fact that Saddam killed them with the Reagan Administration’s blessing and with gas that we provided. The poster closes with this little ditty “Saddam is the WMD” - get it. Wow, we did find WMD's after all - it was Saddam, Rumsfeld's old pal.

With my head about ready to explode I wanted to know where this lovely little poster came from. I can just picture the grinning dim-witted sheeple that left this in the bathroom - you get the picture. Lo and behold it comes from one of those RW Sheeple Think Tanks with a Patriotic sounding title YOUNG AMERICAN'S FOUNDATION. So against my better judgment I took a little Internet stroll over there and guess what I saw? Lots of American flags, images of Ronnie Reagan, carbon-copy looking young Sean Hannity wantabe sheeple. And then I clicked on their store and perused for a moment, when I clicked on the poster link, right there at the top was this picture of that Hate-Spewing Stick Bitch Ann Colter, if you dare click on it it will get bigger. They have, however, carefully hidden her enourmous Adams Apple under her bleached blonde hair.

The best part is how this lovely little poster was titled: “Ann Coulter Poster - Hot! The Beauty of Conservatism” - all for only $4.87. If that is the best Conservatives have to offer, no wonder so many of them are gay and hiding in the closet. If you go to the poster page and scroll down, at the very bottom you can get a FREE poster of the president, what does that tell you about his popularity? And it tell you to hand it in your dorm room and salute our/their Deal Leader. More on my brief journey into this little sheeple website coming in the next few days.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Parade Magazine - Right Wing Rag!

The following appeared in Sunday 10-29-06 Parade Magazine:

Hot Talkers
While the liberal Air America network struggles, conservatives dominate talk radio’s top spots. Below are the airwaves’ Top 5 talkers, based on their estimated minimum audience each week:

1) Rush Limbaugh.........13.5 million
2) Sean Hannity.............12.5 million
3) Michael Savage.........8.25 million
4) Dr. Laura Schlessinger....8 million
5) Laura Ingraham...............5 million
Source: Talkers Magazine

What I find interesting is the timing of this little worthless piece of information. I mean come on, following on the heels of the pill-popping blowhole's bad week in which he choose to pick on Michael J Fox's illness and the justifiable outrage that came down upon him. In the nick of time Parade magazine is there to remind the Sheeple that there are 13.5 million just as stupid as they are. Plus, they begin with their little dig at Air America Radio. Two more things: First, the photo that Parade choose to use of Rush is (if there is such a thing) a good one. I mean why didn't they use a shot of him waving himself and his arms around mocking FOX, with his ever present phallic-symbol Cigar in hand? [Sorry the photo was not online with the article] Secondly, the figures they quote fail to take into account listenership via the Internet which in the case of dreaded Liberal radio programs is quite LARGE! This just confirms what I've already known - Parade Magazine is just a right-wing rag!