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Friday, February 23, 2007

Just How Unfunny Are Right Wingers?

I haven't yet seen FOX's supposed lame attempt at a Daily Show rip-off so I hesitate to be too critical. Unlike Sheeple I generally watch something before I make too much critical comment. The general consensus in the liberal-sphere is that the show is filled with mean-spiritedness, and clich├ęs. I have attempted to watch FOX's late night hate fest "Red Eye" and what is striking is just how unfunny Conservatives really are. I guess that when you are filled with hate and meanness, humor is a real stretch for you. My old hometown newspaper in Idaho carries the Sheeple comic strip Mallard Fillmore, and I read it daily just to see how unfunny it possibly can be. In reality I have rarely found it even the least bit funny. Here is today's prime example:

Wow - get it - liberals don't have jobs - what a laugh riot - how f-ing creative and funny is this? I think it is very telling just how unfunny these mean, hate filled Sheeple are! I can just imagine some knuckle-dragging Sheeple busting a gut at this pathetic stab at comedy, how sad, but how very very telling.


  • Just thought I'd point you at http://whatswrongwithmallardfillmore.com

    By Blogger Don, at 2:51 PM  

  • TV is the trough that feeds the sheeple. Wake up and switch it off.

    By Blogger achurn, at 6:34 PM  

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