Wake Up Sheeple!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

9/11 Again!

I came across this little ditty in my Pocatello Idaho hometown newspaper:

With last November’s election results still smarting, Idaho Republican leaders admonished party loyalists to look to the future at the Lincoln Day Celebration at the Red Lion Hotel Friday night. U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson, U.S. Sens. Larry Craig and Mike Crapo, and Lt. Gov. Jim Risch were among the politicians who appeared to garnish support for conservative causes.
The celebration consisted of a dinner, an auction to raise money for the local GOP, and addresses from important politicians.

The entrance fee was $9.11 per person to remind participants of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Steve Brown, the chairman of the Bannock County Republicans, said he wanted the meeting to be less formal this year so that average citizens had a chance to mingle with elected officials.
“I think it offers the average person an opportunity to do something they don’t normally do—directly communicate with the people they’ve elected to represent them,” Brown said.

Because as non-Sheeple know - all the Repblicans are left with is: 9/11 9/11 9/11 - boo - be scared, be very very scared -- and it is begining to wear very thin in the minds of non-Sheeple but not in one of the largest Sheeple strangleholds - Idaho. Hey I've got news for you Idaho Republicans - Iraq and 9/11 no connection!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Just How Unfunny Are Right Wingers?

I haven't yet seen FOX's supposed lame attempt at a Daily Show rip-off so I hesitate to be too critical. Unlike Sheeple I generally watch something before I make too much critical comment. The general consensus in the liberal-sphere is that the show is filled with mean-spiritedness, and clichés. I have attempted to watch FOX's late night hate fest "Red Eye" and what is striking is just how unfunny Conservatives really are. I guess that when you are filled with hate and meanness, humor is a real stretch for you. My old hometown newspaper in Idaho carries the Sheeple comic strip Mallard Fillmore, and I read it daily just to see how unfunny it possibly can be. In reality I have rarely found it even the least bit funny. Here is today's prime example:

Wow - get it - liberals don't have jobs - what a laugh riot - how f-ing creative and funny is this? I think it is very telling just how unfunny these mean, hate filled Sheeple are! I can just imagine some knuckle-dragging Sheeple busting a gut at this pathetic stab at comedy, how sad, but how very very telling.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why I didn't vote for my Democratic Congressman and Senator – today!

I just love the feeling and rush of exercising my right to vote. I always take a few moments to savor the moment. However, it isn't the same feeling with all of the new suspicious technology. There was always something satisfying about slipping your PAPER ballot through the slot as opposed to sticking it through an electronic scantron as we do here in La Crosse Wisconsin. However, my voting high was somewhat muted today because I could not bring myself to vote for my Democratic Congressman Ron Kind, or one of my Senators Herb Kohl. Now granted neither one had a chance of losing, and trust me I didn't vote for the Republican/Sheeple opposition. In the case of Kind I wrote in Mark Twain (a well-connected liberal Democrat told me that he knew of a number of liberal Democrats who did that two years ago because of their dissatisfaction with Kind). Instead of voting for Kohl I did have the option of voting for the Green Party candidate, who I know absolutely nothing about, but we do need more than the two corporate parties in this broken country.

My inability to vote for either one of these Republican-Lite Democrats all started with the corporate sell-out in the form of the Bankruptcy bill. My opposition to this give-away to the predatory credit card companies stems from the fact that I face an uncertain financial future with advanced prostate cancer. Most non-Sheeple know that our health care system is horribly broken and this corporate piece of legislation virtually makes it impossible for an individual facing enormous debt because of catastrophic medical bills to declare bankruptcy. Compassionate Conservatism at its best.

What was really troubling for me personally was that when I attempted to get an answer from Kind's office, or Kohl's office, I was treated with indifference and in Kind's case almost disdain. I made a number of calls to both Kind's Washington and La Crosse office, and I could not get anyone to answer a very simple question - "Why did Kind vote for this piece of legislation." I wasn't expecting for Kind to personally call me, and at a minimum I would have been somewhat satisfied if I would have just got one of those typical form letters. What is further troubling to me is that neither Kind nor Khol has had the "balls" to take a tough, realistic, and appropriate stance to the Bush folly that is Iraq. Both are slick/safe politicians, always playing down the middle, straddling the fence. I'm sorry but I cannot in good conscience award either one of them with one of my most prized possessions - my VOTE. I know, I'm just one lone voter but Kind and Kohl need to wake up!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I thourght my head was going to explode today!

I'm a college professor - yea I'm Liberal (I think in terms beyond either/or, black/white, good/evil, etc, you get the point). So I'm in the Student Union today and I go into the bathroom and there sitting on either side of the bathroom counter is a poster - sorry I can't tell you exactly what it said, because my disbelief got the best of me and after briefly reading a few points on the posters (strictly Sheeple Talking Points) I tore them up and buried them in the trash. After awhile I was curious so I went back in and pulled a few parts out of the trash. To the best of my memory I think the poster's headline read something like -- "Weapon’s don't kill people evil dictator's kill people (never mind the absolute illogic of that statement). Below is the usual Sheeple clap trap minus the context or facts, "In 1983 Saddam kills 8,000 in campaign against Kurdish . . . buried in mass graves. Hey you dolts, how about the fact that Saddam killed them with the Reagan Administration’s blessing and with gas that we provided. The poster closes with this little ditty “Saddam is the WMD” - get it. Wow, we did find WMD's after all - it was Saddam, Rumsfeld's old pal.

With my head about ready to explode I wanted to know where this lovely little poster came from. I can just picture the grinning dim-witted sheeple that left this in the bathroom - you get the picture. Lo and behold it comes from one of those RW Sheeple Think Tanks with a Patriotic sounding title YOUNG AMERICAN'S FOUNDATION. So against my better judgment I took a little Internet stroll over there and guess what I saw? Lots of American flags, images of Ronnie Reagan, carbon-copy looking young Sean Hannity wantabe sheeple. And then I clicked on their store and perused for a moment, when I clicked on the poster link, right there at the top was this picture of that Hate-Spewing Stick Bitch Ann Colter, if you dare click on it it will get bigger. They have, however, carefully hidden her enourmous Adams Apple under her bleached blonde hair.

The best part is how this lovely little poster was titled: “Ann Coulter Poster - Hot! The Beauty of Conservatism” - all for only $4.87. If that is the best Conservatives have to offer, no wonder so many of them are gay and hiding in the closet. If you go to the poster page and scroll down, at the very bottom you can get a FREE poster of the president, what does that tell you about his popularity? And it tell you to hand it in your dorm room and salute our/their Deal Leader. More on my brief journey into this little sheeple website coming in the next few days.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Parade Magazine - Right Wing Rag!

The following appeared in Sunday 10-29-06 Parade Magazine:

Hot Talkers
While the liberal Air America network struggles, conservatives dominate talk radio’s top spots. Below are the airwaves’ Top 5 talkers, based on their estimated minimum audience each week:

1) Rush Limbaugh.........13.5 million
2) Sean Hannity.............12.5 million
3) Michael Savage.........8.25 million
4) Dr. Laura Schlessinger....8 million
5) Laura Ingraham...............5 million
Source: Talkers Magazine

What I find interesting is the timing of this little worthless piece of information. I mean come on, following on the heels of the pill-popping blowhole's bad week in which he choose to pick on Michael J Fox's illness and the justifiable outrage that came down upon him. In the nick of time Parade magazine is there to remind the Sheeple that there are 13.5 million just as stupid as they are. Plus, they begin with their little dig at Air America Radio. Two more things: First, the photo that Parade choose to use of Rush is (if there is such a thing) a good one. I mean why didn't they use a shot of him waving himself and his arms around mocking FOX, with his ever present phallic-symbol Cigar in hand? [Sorry the photo was not online with the article] Secondly, the figures they quote fail to take into account listenership via the Internet which in the case of dreaded Liberal radio programs is quite LARGE! This just confirms what I've already known - Parade Magazine is just a right-wing rag!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Nuclear Bombs for Mangoes - Heaven Help Us!

The US is looking forward to eating Indian mangoes,
Bush said.
So the boy pResident (chuckle-nuts) is giving nuclear technology to India and Pakistan and we get Indian mangoes, I wonder what Pakistan (a military dictatorship by the way) is getting? Remember when the right-wing Sheeple screamed, and screamed about Clinton trading nuclear secrets to the Chinese? Where is their outrage now? Bush is arming the world, minus Iran and North Korea with nuclear bombs and the Sheeple just sit there with their thumbs up their asses, strangely silent. Hey you stupid Sheeple, is "freedom still on the march?" When the shit this moron pResident has set in motion comes raining down on you, what will you say then? Will you still be saying "Bush is a Christian Man?"

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What Will It Take?

From the Associated Press:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In dramatic and sometimes agonizing terms, federal disaster officials warned President Bush and his homeland security chief before Hurricane Katrina struck that the storm could breach levees, put lives at risk in New Orleans' Superdome and overwhelm rescuers, according to confidential video footage.

So he knew the situation when he said this:
I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees”
-- George W. Bush, 9/1/05, four days after being warned, on tape, that the levees were a “very, very grave concern

What will it finally take? Can we survive three more years of this miserable pathetic failure? I have advanced prostate cancer and one of the things that keeps me going is that I've got to live long enough to see this miserable little man in prison stripes, or at least impeached, or even just to witness the day when he finally leaves the office that his daddy's cronies appointed him to. And he still has an approval rating of 34%. What kind of parallel universe do these 34% Sheeple live in?
The leader of the free world - please world forgive us!