Wake Up Sheeple!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Something for Sheeple to think about!

For all of you Sheeple out there here is something to ponder (if that is possible)?
What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know, it's what we know for sure that just ain't so. . . . Mark Twain

This pretty much sums up the la, la land all of you Bush apologists live in. What will it finally take for you to wake-up and stop drinking the kool-aid?


  • There is a growing resentment toward the Bush administration, definitely more than the media would like for you or I to believe.

    The Iraq war (and now the Dubai buying our ports fiasco) is a crime in my opinion and worthy of impeachment.

    The continuous kowtowing to Israel, corporate America, and the Oil companies over American interests has led to thousands of deaths. In my opinion, Bush is a murderer along the lines of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Both ordered people to do his dirty work and American deaths were the result.

    By Blogger Stefan Schmidt, at 9:50 PM  

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