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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why I didn't vote for my Democratic Congressman and Senator – today!

I just love the feeling and rush of exercising my right to vote. I always take a few moments to savor the moment. However, it isn't the same feeling with all of the new suspicious technology. There was always something satisfying about slipping your PAPER ballot through the slot as opposed to sticking it through an electronic scantron as we do here in La Crosse Wisconsin. However, my voting high was somewhat muted today because I could not bring myself to vote for my Democratic Congressman Ron Kind, or one of my Senators Herb Kohl. Now granted neither one had a chance of losing, and trust me I didn't vote for the Republican/Sheeple opposition. In the case of Kind I wrote in Mark Twain (a well-connected liberal Democrat told me that he knew of a number of liberal Democrats who did that two years ago because of their dissatisfaction with Kind). Instead of voting for Kohl I did have the option of voting for the Green Party candidate, who I know absolutely nothing about, but we do need more than the two corporate parties in this broken country.

My inability to vote for either one of these Republican-Lite Democrats all started with the corporate sell-out in the form of the Bankruptcy bill. My opposition to this give-away to the predatory credit card companies stems from the fact that I face an uncertain financial future with advanced prostate cancer. Most non-Sheeple know that our health care system is horribly broken and this corporate piece of legislation virtually makes it impossible for an individual facing enormous debt because of catastrophic medical bills to declare bankruptcy. Compassionate Conservatism at its best.

What was really troubling for me personally was that when I attempted to get an answer from Kind's office, or Kohl's office, I was treated with indifference and in Kind's case almost disdain. I made a number of calls to both Kind's Washington and La Crosse office, and I could not get anyone to answer a very simple question - "Why did Kind vote for this piece of legislation." I wasn't expecting for Kind to personally call me, and at a minimum I would have been somewhat satisfied if I would have just got one of those typical form letters. What is further troubling to me is that neither Kind nor Khol has had the "balls" to take a tough, realistic, and appropriate stance to the Bush folly that is Iraq. Both are slick/safe politicians, always playing down the middle, straddling the fence. I'm sorry but I cannot in good conscience award either one of them with one of my most prized possessions - my VOTE. I know, I'm just one lone voter but Kind and Kohl need to wake up!


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