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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Parade Magazine - Right Wing Rag!

The following appeared in Sunday 10-29-06 Parade Magazine:

Hot Talkers
While the liberal Air America network struggles, conservatives dominate talk radio’s top spots. Below are the airwaves’ Top 5 talkers, based on their estimated minimum audience each week:

1) Rush Limbaugh.........13.5 million
2) Sean Hannity.............12.5 million
3) Michael Savage.........8.25 million
4) Dr. Laura Schlessinger....8 million
5) Laura Ingraham...............5 million
Source: Talkers Magazine

What I find interesting is the timing of this little worthless piece of information. I mean come on, following on the heels of the pill-popping blowhole's bad week in which he choose to pick on Michael J Fox's illness and the justifiable outrage that came down upon him. In the nick of time Parade magazine is there to remind the Sheeple that there are 13.5 million just as stupid as they are. Plus, they begin with their little dig at Air America Radio. Two more things: First, the photo that Parade choose to use of Rush is (if there is such a thing) a good one. I mean why didn't they use a shot of him waving himself and his arms around mocking FOX, with his ever present phallic-symbol Cigar in hand? [Sorry the photo was not online with the article] Secondly, the figures they quote fail to take into account listenership via the Internet which in the case of dreaded Liberal radio programs is quite LARGE! This just confirms what I've already known - Parade Magazine is just a right-wing rag!


  • I don't get the Parade, but it always looked generic blah. In August 06 Schlessinger began writing a column in Santa Barbara News-Press. I started to research who she was, I'm not a right-radio listener. I now think all these numbers are fake. Of course, they can influence alot of people. I've turned Schlessinger on while going to store. I swear it was the same caller. She is so scripted it's almost sad. Her column is a joke, more phony "letters". She works for Wendy McCaw, a crazy RICH divorcee who bought the News-Press.Wendy was married to Craig McCaw, telecommunication zillionaire. What these people can do with the internet must be atrocious. So many odd things happen to their "enemies". The pumped up fake numbers are just a part of their schemes. Maybe if more people keep trying to bring attention to the fakery something will give. I don't know about Rush audience #'s. What Wendy does is spike #'s for the advertising $. That's what Laura's BIG PR firm is about, they use google to keep the lie alive and alot of trolls. I question if there are more than 10 people outside her empire who pay attention to her. She does a charity circuit routine here, they all put on the dog & play they like each other. A few men get snickered. Mostly she is loathed. But these people are surrounded and protected from reality, even when thier own servants hate them. They use contracts, lawyers and intimidation to keep people silent. I'm hopeful the pendulum will swing sooner than later. A serious authentic investigative reporter could help, but can they function in todays atmosphere? Keep up the good posts!

    By Blogger lolita, at 11:30 AM  

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