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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Why the Cheney Shooting Incident Is So Disturbing!

You know Dick Cheney is in trouble when so-called Bush apologist pundits like Dick "Prostitute Toe-Sucker" Morris throws Cheney off the Bus! But for Shawn Hannity, Bush and Cheney could never do anything wrong, even if he were an eyewitness to it. Bush or Cheney could strangle and mutilate a baby right in front of Shawny-boys eyes and he would find a way to defend them.

Crooks and Liars has the amazing exchange between the "Toe-sucking" opportunistic, money-grubbing whore (Morris) and Hannity. Sean is at his hand wringing, finger-waving, fall of the logic train, ignore the facts, lunacy self. One of my favorites all time Shawnisms (other than his cliché lists) is this:
Lets get some perspective here.

Whenever Shawn-boy pulls this out of his ass, the bullshit bells should blare, because he is about to digress into the depths of illogic bullshit.
Later he pulls out this gem:
Hannity...(VP) who does not have a history of drinking at all was stumbling down drunk?

WTF - no history of hitting the sauce?? Wow! Of course the Sheeple don't know any better they eat up Shawn-boys bullshit, boldfaced lies. Facts be dammed - there are several links in the Crook and Liars link (above) to illustrate Cheney's previous Youthful Indiscretions - TWO DUI CONVICTIONS!!!
Of course Morris, or Shawn-boy's butt-boy Combs fails to mention Shawn's glaring lie.

Two things about the whole Cheney incident are very revealing to me, and get right at the heart of Cheney's true character and sick, degraded personality.

First, what kind of person goes on a "canned-hunt"??? A sick, sadistic, no-regard for life kind of person who gets his jollies from killing innocent little animals. Where is the SPORT in a canned hunt? Driving around in a pick-up truck, stopping, walking a short distance and blowing away farm-raised and defensless little birds that you are never going to eat? Don't forget Cheney's history of canned-hunts.
Cheney Faces Heat for ‘Canned Hunt’
THE INCREASINGLY low-profile V.P. was taken to Pittsburgh by Air Force Two earlier this week where his “security detail loaded him and his favorite shotgun into a Humvee,” and went to Rolling Rock Club in Ligonier Township, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. There, he and nine other hunting buddies shot at 500 ringneck pheasants, killing 417 of them. The V.P. was credited with offing 70 of the birds, as well as an unknown number of mallard ducks.

Also, another newspaper article about the same canned-hunt. What kind of person slaughters 70 pheasants? Come on Sheeple defend that one.

The second thing that is very revealing about Cheney in all of this is the fact that after the shooting he doesn't go to the hospital to be with his friend after he shoots him he goes back to the ranch and eats dinner. WTF? There are only two things that one can conclude from this. First, Cheney had something to hide (hitting the sauce), or second, he is just a real uncaring prick. Well I guess you could conclude that both of those are true!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Priceless! Bubble Boy Outside his Bubble

Some Things In Life Are Pricless, For Everything Else There Is The TRUTH! Check out the death stare on the Stepford Wife.