Wake Up Sheeple!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rove Scandal - Operation look the other way moves into full swing. I see our glorious leader is going to make another prime-time address this evening to announce his nominee for the Supreme Court. Why is it that Bush makes more of these prime time speeches than any other President, but has held far fewer real press conferences? Um, I wonder? And how about the timing, I regretfully came across El Drugbo (Rush) for a moment today, and he said that it was absurd that there was any political timing in this announcement. WHAT! Are you kidding me, this is all about shifting the focus away from Rove, especially coming out of the devastating bad news weekend the Bushies had. On top of the fact that the American public (minus the 30% or so that are Sheepole) aren’t buying their disgusting talking points campaign of lies, diversion, and smears. In an ABC News poll, only 25% of Americans think that Bush is cooperating with the investigation. Oh, and Sheepole please remind me what is your glorious leader’s approval rating? Can you say 42% (and this was just before the Rove treason affair kicked into gear), for gosh sakes, at the height of the drummed up Republican witch hunt impeachment Clinton’s approval ratings were in the 60’s! With the Bushies everything they do is about politics. Absolutely disgusting, but at least the non-Sheepole Americans aren't buying the shit that the Bushies are shoveling and frantically throwing to the fan. The Rove story might die down for a day or two, but it has gotten too many legs and too much traction, and will not go away, and I predict will come back with a vengeance.


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