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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Opine to Bill O'Reilly. Bill O’Reilly of Fox News is always urging everyone to opine to him, so I urge everyone to take up Mr. O'Reilly and express your free-speech rights to him directly. Go here, to e-mail Mr. No Spin. Wait, what, what happened to free speech? Believe it or not you have to pay for the right to e-mail Mr. No Spin. Apparently Mr. No Spin is afraid of dessenting opinions, no wonder he loves Bush so much

Here is the message you get if you click the link above:
You are trying to access a Premium Member section of Bill OReilly.com. If you are a member, please log in using your email address and password in the boxes at the top.
Not a member yet? BillOReilly.com members enjoy a whole host of exclusive benefits. See below for details.

To opine you have to pay $4.95 a month for that pleasure, ah, you have to love Capitalism!


  • I have to wonder why kind of person would pay to have anything to do with Bill the Buffoon.

    By Blogger Mitch, at 4:46 PM  

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