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Monday, July 11, 2005

When Sheepole try to use logical reasoning using bad analogies - Letter to the Editor Smackdown:
In a recent letter to the editor Kim and Joe Meier of De Soto, Wisconsin used a typical sheepole letter to the editor technique - diahria of the keyboard. Could someone tell me what their argument is here? This is what I call the “throwing the kitchen sink” at what ever got them going in the first place argument. Hey, Sheepole, here is a tip for writing letters to the editor, before you get all fired up and start writing, what is your purpose, what is your argument, and stick to it? So here goes have a look for yourself:
Stop the media bias and spin
By KIM and JOE MEIER De Soto, Wis.
Certainly nobody wants "the government" to have more data on us or our children for that matter. In fact, I'm in favor of a much smaller government playing a lesser role in our everyday lives, but back to reality.
The facts of the matter are these. The government does have all of our data as soon as we start paying taxes. So what's the difference if they get it a few years earlier?
Men are already required to register with the selective service within 30 days of their 18th birthday.
You might say, military recruiters will be calling my house. Chances are they are already calling.
Recruiters already have access to school lists and college lists if that school receives federal funding.
If the military can do its job without a draft, then let them do it. How hard is it for people to say "No thank you I'm not interested?" Not very hard.
We do not know anyone, or know anyone else who knows someone who has had their rights violated because of expanded government control since Sept. 11, 2001.
It's a bunch of hogwash, and we're tired of people trying to scare the American public.

Ok here comes their big attempt at trying to be cute and use an analogy, something that Sheepole should just not try:

Fact: The Wisconsin DOT reports in its 2004 fatality report that 836 people died on Wisconsin roads last year!
The Wisconsin Army National Guard lost two people in combat since the beginning of Iraq. In Wisconsin, 56 people were killed and listed as pedestrians!
Give us the truth and stop your media-biased spin. We have brains and we vote!

Anybody with a brain see a problem with that analogy?
Well thanks to Sharon Nelson of Onalaska who did my work for me and took their analogy to pieces by doing something that Sheepole are afraid of - RESEARCH

In a recent letter, Kim and Joe Meier fail to prove their accusations of scare tactics, lies and spin in the media because they write in generalities and present no specific incidents. It is not the least bit clear who they are berating. Why would the media be threatened if they vote?
But there is rich irony in their spun statistics comparing deaths of Wisconsin soldiers in Iraq with traffic deaths in Wisconsin.
Only two Wisconsin Army National Guard deaths, they say, while there were 56 pedestrian deaths, with an exclamation point yet. Do they mean that our soldiers in Iraq are safer than our pedestrians in Wisconsin?
Actually, three deaths have occurred in the Guard, but citing only these and ignoring the other branches of service is like saying that we had 43 highway deaths in Chevys, ignoring the 865 total in all vehicles. The death toll for Wisconsin stands at present at 40, with the last being Spc. Charles Kaufman of Fairchild who died after a car bomb exploded near his Humvee in Baghdad on June 26.
After reading through this long list of deaths to get my total count, I fault the Meiers callous use of these deaths to argue their cause. These were real people from ordinary Wisconsin towns who bravely died horrendous deaths. We should be more respectful.

Thank you Sharon for proving once again Sheepole should not try to use analogies!


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