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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Where was the President yesterday and today?

There is something wrong with this picture.
Hurricane Katrina is now being called one of the worst, if not the worst, disaster in US history. Instead of focusing on this growing tragedy in the southeast, you are at this moment giving a speech in California about World War II and Iraq. Yes, you devoted one minute of that speech to the hurricane, but now it's been 20 minutes and you are still talking about WWII and Iraq.

Mr. President, the entire nation is focused on one issue today, and it is not WWII. We are fixated by the images we're seeing on TV. The images of uncontrollable fires blazing across New Orleans. The images of people stranded on their rooftops waving white t-shirts for help. And as I write this, the water levels are still rising in New Orleans and the situation is getting desperate.

Thanks to John at Americablog go here to read the rest I couldn't have said it better!

As I watched the devastation last night I wondered why there was little or no mention in the media coverage of where the pResident was. Correct me if I'm wrong but at times of great crisis and disaster isn't one of the President's jobs to be the symbolic leader to speak to the nation and reassure them that everything that is humanly possible is being done. Think back to another time of great crisis and devastation - 9/11 - what did the boy pResident do that day? He ran like a scarred bunny rabbit across the country only to resurface the next day. I have to think that he has smart political advisors who told him to cut his vacation short and return to Washington ASAP. I have to wonder if Bush overrode his advisors and told them “f-you I’m not cutting my vacation short.” So, what did Bush do yesterday, he was all smiles as he ate birthday cake and celebrated with Senator McCain, and spoke about prescription drugs - all while a million plus people suffered. Last night he continued his vacation at a five-star resort in San Diego, while a million people suffered death and life shattering pain in the Gulf region - any irony here? Today, he is back at his stump speaking, beating the dead horse that is the illegal war in Iraq, now he is comparing it to WWII. Has anyone told this out of touch, spoiled, insensitive, little little tiny pathetic excuse of a man that his poll number are falling faster than the winds of Hurricane Katrina were spinning yesterday? Does he even give a flying f? You can bet that in a few days when it safe for him to go to the South, when he won’t get his feet wet or dirty, for his photo-op the media will be fawning all over him, and gushing, about how strong and resolute of a leader he is in a time of great crisis. Why weren’t they mentioning where he was last night when his country needed him? Just when I think that my opinion and respect for the boy pResident Bush can’t go any lower he continues to amaze me. When will the remaining 30% of the brain dead Sheepole wake up and see him for what he is worth.


  • Ssshhhh...Don't disturb the Bubble Boy, er, I mean President. He's busy relaxing so he'll be ready for, uh...I don't know, the next invasion I guess. Or more tax cuts. But he needs his rest in the meantime.

    By Anonymous Tom Harper, at 12:42 PM  

  • "Think back to another time of great crisis and devastation - 9/11 - what did the boy pResident do that day? He ran like a scarred bunny rabbit across the country only to resurface the next day."

    Actually, he was in Air Force One on the orders of the Secret Service and then he demanded he go back to the White House to address the nation . . . on 9/11 when there were still planes unaccounted for. Read the 9/11 Commission's report. It's all in there. Even a so-called Sheepole could figure that out.

    Is it actually possible for a President to take a vacation? Do foreign dignitaries who visit the ranch not constitute as working?

    By Anonymous Chad, at 12:10 AM  

  • What about all those Dems taking time to work against the Roberts' nomination instead of focusing on the hurricane.

    Did you focus on the hurrican all day or did you go to work and do other things?

    Some people are talkers and some are doers. Bush does and lets others talk about it. When he does talk about it, he gets criticized for exploiting the situation for political gain or for pre-empting a favorite show like American Idol.

    Somehow you lose the fact that Bush has an administration to handle the bulk of the work while passing decisions and briefs to him. Or do you think Bush picks up the phone himself to order sandbags and water pumps?

    By Blogger All_I_Can_Stands, at 7:10 AM  

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