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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Karl, Karl, Karl by Ruth Lopez. Read this insightful take on Turd Blossom and Bush. Bush and Rove are joined at the hip, in a sick sense they are one and the same, and that raises interesting questions as to possible outcomes.
Rove is not just a team member serving at the pleasure of the president. He is, in the context of what he knows about the President and his Administration, the closest thing to a co-president this country has ever had. Unholy matrimony. So, is there even a snowball's chance in Hell that Bush would let Karl go down? With what Karl knows? Does anyone believe for a minute that Karl's ego would allow him to take one for his "boss"?


  • I didn't think anybody expected Bush to fire Rove. Rove made him the president. What I've wondered about all of this is why Rove didn't tell Bush not to promise to fire whoever the leak was.

    By Blogger legerdemon, at 1:39 PM  

  • http://moonbatlookout.blogspot.com/

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