Wake Up Sheeple!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Bush fulfills bin Laden’s greatest wishes. Bin Laden must be very happy about now, Bush could care less about capturing him and he has given bin Laden a worldwide recruting poster for terrorists by his stupidity and incompetence in invading and occupying Iraq.

'Iraq has been an absolute gift to al-Qaida'
Anger over the U.S.-led war in Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict also seems to be providing some inspiration, despite early arguments from Bush administration officials that fighting insurgents in Iraq would help prevent them from launching attacks on Western targets. The war has instead turned into a recruiting tool, experts said.

Iraq has been an absolute gift to al-Qaida, said Paul Rogers, a professor of peace studies at England's Bradford University. [Al-Qaida] seems to have no difficulty in getting more and more recruits.

Use your brains for once Sheepole, it isn’t because “they hate our freedoms.” Think how stupid that is logically, terrorists are going to strap bombs to themselves and blow themselves up because we have freedoms in America, ya right. They hate us because we have f-ing invaded and are occupying their lands. Ya, I know "freedom is on the march," and all, think about it if you are an Iraqi might you see it very differently? We are going to be feeling the blow back from Bushie boys incompetence and stupidity for years and years to come, because Bush has poked the hornets nest hard, time and time again, and the hornets are multiplying at a much faster rate than we can kill them, why can’t you Sheepole wrap your tiny little brains around that simple idea - what will it take to wake you Sheepole up from your fear induced, Fox News stupors?


  • Heh. To come to the conclusion that radial Islam hates us because we are in Iraq or Afghanistan is asinine. Yet you call anyone who does not agree with you a Sheepole. Too funny.

    By Blogger Dirty Kafir, at 12:03 PM  

  • It seems ludicrous that the present administration would attempt to justify their "war on terror" as a needed measure for our continued security. I mean, its beyond obvious that invasions and occupations will only increase the number of our nations enemies. The only logical conclusion that can be drawn is, perhaps this is the objective? Maybe Bush, Blair, etc want to fuel the fire. Retaliation by "terrorist factions" will of course result in more "justification" for continuing the campaign in the middle east. This war is good business for the oil cartels and the governments that support them, because it's a fine excuse to remove regimes that would oppose an oil pipeline that benefits U.S. and British oil tycoons.

    By Anonymous Tim Whiston, at 3:54 PM  

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