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Friday, June 24, 2005

Flag burning amendment:

Now that Congress has finally finally passed the flag burning amendment all our problems are solved! Just one question just how many flag burning incidents are there each year?

The Daily Show (Thur 6-23) in its usual brilliance gets right to the heart of the matter.

Duke Cunningham (R-crook)
Ask the police and fire [forgot the “fighter” part of that Duke?] that stood on top of the Trade Center and ask them and they will tell you help pass this amendment today.

Will they. Did you ask them? My guess is that you didn’t ask them Duke. Because if you did I bet they would go first, ’Hey why did you revoke the $125 million in health benefits that you promised, you prick, and then they would cough.

Typical Sheepole-speak, "9-11," "9-11," "9-11," always talking the talk but seldom walking the walk!

Why do I label Cunningham a crook? Cunningham makes a tidy $7K profit from defense contractor.

Duke Cunningham (R-crook on the take and shameless 9-11 invoker) - Why is it that all R's/sheepole lookalike? I can spot one a mile away.


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